Wanhao D7 V1.5 Plus – Window


The Wanhao Duplicator 7 Plus is a resin desktop 3D printer made by Wanhao. This is the latest update of this popular D7 SLA printer. The improved Z-stage will improve print quality compared to previous versions. The milled buildplate will keep your prints sticking with much less problems. The building control box and touchscreen makes it much more user-friendly.

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The Wanhao D7 V1.5 Plus is the latest update of the popular Wanhao D7 3D printer.

What’s new in the D7 V1.5 plus – Window

  • Technical specification identical to normal D7 V1.5
  • Control box with touch screen build in
  • Window in hood to view the printing process
  • Just slice your model on your computer. Put the sliced file on the SD card and start the print on the printer

What’s in the box

  • Wanhao D7 Printer v1.5 plus
  • New model with window in hood
  • Spare Fep Tape sheet for Screen
  • Jar for cleaning finished prints
  • Scraper
  • 2x Latex gloves
  • Power cable UK and EUR cable
  • Hex Driver
  • 250ml Sample amount UV Resin (Random colour)

Printer Specifications

  • Included Printing Material: Sample Resin Pack
  • Layer Capability: 0.025mm (HD 25 µm)
  • Max Print Speed: 35mm/hour
  • Build Envelope: 121mm x 68mm x 200mm
  • Build Surface: Wanhao Proprietary Surface (+/- 0.03mm Flat Tolerance)
  • Printer Frame Size: 200mm (L) x 200mm (W) x 430mm (H)
  • Light Wavelength: 405 nm
  • LCD Pixel Resolution: 2560 x 1440
  • Z-Axis Endstop Switch: Optical Endstop Sensor
  • Cooling: 60mm Electronics Cooling Fan
  • Touchscreen user interface
  • Compatible Operating Systems: Windows 10
  • File Type: Gcode
  • File Transfer: SD card
  • Frame Color: Steel Frame (Powder Coated Black)

Additional information

Weight 11000 g
Dimensions 27 × 27 × 50 cm


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