Phrozen Resin – Nylon Like – Green (1KG)


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Phrozen Nylon Like Green engineering resin

Phrozen Nylon Like Green

  • Volume: 1KG per bottle
  • Viscosity: 742 cps
  • Elongation: 130%
  • Break value: 19 MPa
  • Hardness: Shore 68 D
  • I-Zod Impact: 23.79 KJ/m2

Operating instructions

  • Suggest to use our resin and printer indoor under ventilated situation.
  • Avoid exposure to sunlight and indoor luminescence.
  • Please preserve our resin in closed opaque bottle in avoid of exposure to air.
  • Do not mix used and non-used resin together.
  • Please keep the resin away from kids.
  • Do not dump resin. Please cured resin and treat/recycle it as general plastics garbage.

Safety Rules

  • Do not eat and swallow the resin. Go to hospital if necessary.
  • Wear goggles in avoid of eye contact to resin. Wash your eyes by water and go to hospital if necessary.
  • Resin might cause slight irritation to skin. Wear gloves when handling. Stop using it if allergy occurred.
  • Resin is with slight odor. We strongly suggest you to use it under ventilated condition.
  • Suggested safety equipment: gloves, mask, goggles, and lab coat.
  • Keep resin in room temperature(15 – 35 OC) and dry condition.



Additional information

Weight 1300 g
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 8 cm


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