Phrozen Beige Low-Irritation (0.5KG)


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Phrozen Beige Low Irrition

  • Low Shrinkage & High Precision: Phrozen Beige Low-Irritation Resin is developed for low shrinkage and high precision printing. Its low warpage & dimensional stability are especially good for precise parts.
  • Low Irritation: No heavy metal content and pass irritation test (ISO-10993 10). After curing, printed parts can direct contact skin.
  • High Strength: Flexural strength up to 83MPa. Good for engineering parts and dental models.
  • Wide Application: Printed parts are with good hardness and certain toughness. It is perfect match not only to models but for product prototyping.


  • Weight: 500g per bottle
  • XY Resolution: ~50 µm
  • Recommended Layer Height: 30-100 um
  • Way to Rinse:  Clean with alcohol spray with air gun. DO NOT immerse model into alcohol for long time.

Operating instructions

  • Use our resin and printer  in a well ventilated room
  • Avoid exposure to sunlight and indoor lights
  • Please preserve our resin in closed opaque bottle in avoid of exposure to air.
  • Do not mix used and non-used resin together.
  • Please keep the resin away from kids.
  • Do not dump resin. Please cured resin and treat/recycle it as general plastics garbage.

Safety Rules

  • Use in a well ventilated room.
  • Suggested safety equipment: gloves, mask, goggles, and lab coat.
  • Keep resin in room temperature(15 – 35 OC) and dry condition.


Additional information

Weight 650 g
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 8 cm


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