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Laser Robust Champagne is great for prototype engineering models that are designed for repeated handling during product development phase. Our Robust resin produces precise and tough prints and are resilient with higher impact resistance.

  • Calibrated on Formlabs Form2 and Form3
  • Can be used in other open source 3D Printers
  • Preform Material Selection: Gray V4
  • Formlabs VAT friendly
  • Print resolution 25~100 micron
  • Tensile strength (70-80Mpa) / Elongation (1-3%)
  • Minimum odor

Expert Black Specifications

Color: Champagne
Size: 1 Liter
Material: Acrylate-based Polymer for 3D Printing
Tensile(MPa): 44-55
Elongation(%): 10-21
Impact(J/m): 60-65
Hardness(Shore): 83-86
Flexural Strength(MPa): 65-90
Flexure Modulus (MPa): 1000-1500
HDT(°F/°C): 125.8℉/52,1℃
Tear Strength(kN/m):
Viscosity at 77°F/25°C: 1300-1500

Notes & Warnings

This resin is not compatible with DLP and LCD 3D Printers

Additional information

Weight 1300 g
Dimensions 18 × 10 × 10 cm


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