Resin filter with Mini funnel


When we pour resin back into the bottle we use this filter to get all the nasty bits of cured debries out.

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When you pour resin back into the bottle from the VAT it’s good practice to filter it. This to remove cured particles and other debries from the resin. This filter looks like something a grandmother would use. And while grandmother doesn’t know much about 3D resin printers, but she did find a great filter.

  • Filter is made of stainless steel material
  • Easy and convenient to use and clean
  • It can effectively filter impurities
  • Top Diameter: 60mm
  • Bottom Diameter: 27mm
  • Bottom Diameter: 10mm (Mini Funnel)
  • Height: 34mm

How to use with narrow neck bottle

  • Bottle neck diameter <27mm.
  • Put the filter in the funnel pour through the filter.
  • You can bend the handle to make it fit your funnel even better.
  • After use clean the filter and funnel with IPA or ResinAway.

How to use with wide neck bottle

  • Bottle neck diameter >27mm and <60mm.
  • You can place this filter directly in the bottle.
  • After use clean the filter with IPA or ResinAway.

Additional information

Weight 75 g
Dimensions 10 × 7.5 × 4 cm


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