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Upgrade your Phrozen Shuffle with the all new ParaLED V2array for even more printing accuracy. The light intensity, wavelength, and optical path are critical to printing speed and quality for resin 3D printer. The ParaLED v2 from Phrozen is a again a major improvement off the optical path.
The Phrozen ParaLED v2 narrows down the UV light emission angle even further to make it as parallel as possible. It increases the efficiency off light that passes through the LCD and, therefore improving printing speed (by ~10%) and quality.
A great upgrade for your 3D printer (or starting point of a DIY 3D Printer)

Phrozen ParaLED V2 Upgrade for Phrozen Shuffle

  • 1 pcs 405nm UV-LED Array Matrix
    – 50 W

Notes & Warning

  • After upgrade, please re-calibrate resins first. Start with reducing cure time by 10%


Additional information

Weight 900 g
Dimensions 16 × 10 × 10 cm


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