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Front glass for 8.9″ LCD  UV 3D Printers. Gorilla glass screen guard to help to protect your LCD from damage. The Screen guard has a sticky layer that will stick to the LCD. The bond between glass and LCD is removeable.

Compatible with

  • Phrozen Shuffle XL
  • And other 8.9″ LCD Printers

Notes & Warnings

  • This is a DIY part
  • Use at your own risk

Installing the screen guard

  • Remove LCD. Video shows procedure for Phrozen Shuffle XL

  • Stick frontglass to the LCD. Keep calm, work slowly, if bubbles appear go back and try again.
  • Place LCD with glass back into machine
  • Because the LCD sits a bit higher then the top plate the edges of the screen guard float in the air
    – Be very carefull not to land resin vat on these edges to hard
    – You can also reuse the tape by placing it under the floating edge of the screen protector.
  • Another option is to remove the backglass of the LCD (Experimental – use at own risk). The LCD is now only stuck to the front glass. This could lead to sagging of the LCD in the middle.

Removing Bubbles

Removing bubbles should be done in vacuum oven. If you don’t have this, here are instructions are for Wanhao D7 5.5″ LCD but the procedure is the same for larger LCD’s

Additional information

Weight 180 g
Dimensions 25 × 18 × 1 cm


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