Form 2 Universal Resin Cartridge DIY Kit


Unlock all functionality of closed mode printing with affordable Formlabs Compatible Resin! Introducing the Form 2 Universal Resin Cartridge.

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Unlock all functionality of closed mode printing with affordable resin! Introducing the Form 2 Universal Resin Cartridge.

With this kit you can upcycle an empty Formlabs resin cartridge to an Form 2 Universal Resin Cartridge.

Why? Resins offered by the manufacturer for the Form 2 are expensive. There are third party companies like ApplyLabWork offering high quality and special resins for much less.

Third party Formlabs Form 2 Compatible resins can only used in so called ‘Open mode’. Unfortunately ‘Open mode’ disables a lot of functionality of your Form 2. Like the wiper, the heater and the resin tank auto refill.

Printing quality and accuracy is much higher when printing in ‘Closed mode’. Some resins can only be printed in ‘Closed mode’ and will otherwise fail to print. The Universal Resin Cartridge allows you to use the full functionality of your Form 2 with any resin.

So this simple DIY upcycle of a used cartridge allows you to print with any compatible third party resin in ‘Closed mode’ on your Formlabs Form 2 printer. The kit enables all functions like heater, wiper and resin tank auto refill. The Universal Resin Cartridge can be reprogrammed to any resin type and can be easily reset when the printer thinks the resin cartridge is empty (normally, cartridges are disabled after 1 liter).

You can also use an empty Universal Resin Cartridge as a stand-in. Just add resin directly in the VAT, the printer thinks a fully functioning resin cartridge is present, so all functions, wiper, heater keep working. This makes changing resins a lot easier because you only have to clean the resin vat.


Form 2 Universal Resin Cartridge DIY Kit contents

  • Communication chip
  • Programming cable
  • Instructions
  • Link to latest software

To use the kit you need to recycle an empty resin cartridge.

Programming options 

The Form 2 Universal Resin Cartridge v2.5 can be programmed using a windows PC with the v1.4 software for the following resin types:

  • Black V2, V4
  • Durable V2
  • Flexible V2
  • Tough V4, V5
  • Clear V2, V4
  • White V2, V3, V4
  • Grey V3, V4
  • High Temp V1

Compatible resins (tested)

Resins tested with Universal Resin Cartridge

Additional information

Weight 250 g
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 5 cm


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