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We have created a SparkMaker FEPvat. A better, less leaky, cheaper and easier to use resin vat for the WOW SparkMaker.

Pre-orders started shipping mid october. 

Please note: We produce this FEPvat ourself and currently we cannot keep up with demand. So please be patient for your pre-order or back-order to arrive.

Available for backorder.

Already 15 persons shown interest.

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We are going to create a SparkMaker FEPvat. A better, less leaky, cheaper and easier to use then the original SparkMaker resin vat. With our experience in designing and producing FEPvats for other 3D Printers we know we can do it.

During our pre-order program from June 15th till July 15th we needed to pre-sell 50 FEPvats before we could start working on the SparkMaker FEPvat design. At the end date of the pre-order program on we had well over 50 pre-ordered. These pre-orders will recieve 2 sheets of FEP 127HD for free as a thank you.

From July 15th the SparkMaker FEPvat is available for backorder.

We started working on the design and testing July 6th. We will update you through the SparkMaker facebook group and on this product page. We expect design and testing to take around 6 to 8 weeks. After that we expect to start production and shipping. Pre-orders will ship first in order of date of order.

FEPshop and FEPvats

Mid 2017, after months of research, designing, several resin spills, 8KG of filament wasted on testing we finally released our first FEPvat for the Wanhao D7. This FEPvat was a succes, we sold many of them and learned a lot. The novelty of the vat is the unique tensioning ring. This ring makes it easy to thighten the FEP film and also creates a double seal that almost guarantees the FEPvat won’t leak.

SparkMaker FEPvat buildquality

The FEPvat you pre/back-order is 3D Printed and made from high quality resin resistant filament. It has brass inserts to ensure the stainless steel bolts keep gripping with time. No more messing arround with little nuts. The FEPvat is build to be strong and functional. Well over a hundred FEPvats found their way into the hands of customers. Some of  these VAT’s are in use for more then 12 months now and they still work perfectly. We found one in a corner of the workshop holding resin for more then 6 months! They keep great after many FEP sheet changes, resin changes and cleaning with alcohol. But ofcourse they are not build for eternity, and we cannot make long term guarantees. But hey, we can guarantee they last longer then a Formlabs resin VAT costing three times as much!

SparkMaker FEPvat features

1: Easy to use
We developed a two step sheet mounting system. The first step locks the sheet so it wont move around any more. The second step thightens the sheet till its perfect.

  • Step 1
  1. Turn the FEPvat upside down
  2. Lay your FEP sheet on the FEPvat
  3. Press the ring into the FEPvat till it’s flush with the edge. You will feel resistance, just push till it’s flush.
  4. Insert all bolts and tighten them. Keep the ring flush with edge of the FEPvat.
  5. The FEP sheet is now locked in place.
  • Step 2
  1. Thighten corner bolts till secured
  2. Thighten all other bolts till secured
  3. Ready, your film should be thight like a high pitched drum now!

2: Let it drip
The original FEPvat can stand on it’s side. It sits at an angle so all resin will drip out. The wall is formed in such a way that resin always drips out in the center. We will try to incorporate this feature in the SparkMaker version

3: Let it pour
We will try to incorporate a spout to make pouring resin from the FEPvat as easy and clean as possible.

4: Stack them

The original FEPvat is stackable. Because of the small size we are not sure we can make the SparkMaker version stackable. But we are certainly going to try.

5: More resin
We make the FEPvat a little higher and slope the side walls to maximize resin volume. And BTW the sharp edge at the front is a great place to scrape excess resin of your spatula after stirring resin.

Package contents

  • 1 SparkMaker FEPvat – 3D printed
  • 1 Ring to secure FEP Sheet
  • 2 Thumbscrews to secure the FEPvat to the printer
  • Stainless steel crew set to secure the ring
  • Free bonus for pre-orders before July 15th 2018: 2 sheets of FEP 127HD

Notes and warnings

  • FEP film is fragile. During mounting it could get damaged. Always check resin vat for leaks with water before use.
  • Images shown are of the first test models
  • This is not a finished product. Design and testing is in progress
  • There is a very small chance that for technical reasons we cannot fullfill our promise.
  • We expect first shipping in 1.5 to 2 months
  • Don’t order a FEPvat with other items you need quickly.
  • We will contact you before shipping. If you need other items at time of shipping we can add those on request.
  • Whatever happens, you will get a working FEPvat or your money back.
  • Design shown in photo’s is subject to change.

Additional information

Weight 180 g
Dimensions 150 × 80 × 28 cm

1 review for SparkMaker FEPvat

  1. Rated 4 out of 5

    s.van.liempd (verified owner)

    This VAT is much better than the original that came with the printer. I installed the FEP film first try no leaks. Instead of just pushing on the film I first poked holes in the right places put the longer bolts in from the old VAT just to hold the film better and then pressed it in place.

    One biggy, the new VAT is taller and so the old bolts are too short to install it in the printer. So I have a working VAT but I still can’t use it right away. Have to look for the right bolts now. There are bolt in the image but they don’t come with it so its a little misleading.

    • Rolf Meijer

      Thank you for your great feedback.

      You don’t have to puncture holes first. When you press the ring in lightly and keep pressure the sheet it cannot move.

      We are very sorry about the short bolt issue. We are so used to using these (longer) handy thumbscrews, we totally forgot the standard screws are shorter. So from now we add 2 thumbscrews to every FEPvat.

      Your thumbscrews are in the mail!


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