FEP 127HD Premium A4 – 1 Sheet


WARNING: Other shops now started branding inferieur products as FEP HD. Which it is not, as far as we know it is just regular FEP Film, without any of the HD benefits. So, if you want to be sure that you really are buying HD quality make sure it’s from FEPshop or one of our reselllers. Don’t pay extra for regular FEP film.

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FEP 127HD Premium

These are the best FEP sheets FEPshop ever made! If your serious about resin 3D Printing and need the best and most reliable, high quality FEP look no further.


  • 1 Sheets 297x210mm

Whats’s HD about these sheets?

Mid 2017 we got acquainted a FEP film manufacturer who developed FEP film with a difference. Because of superior production methodology and smart additives it is very clear, has a very high transmission rate, the thickness is very even and it’s a bit softer than regular FEP. All these properties make this FEP the best material for 3D printing we found to date. Because of its superior optical properties and the softness of the material it preserves fine detail better. That’s why we call it HD film.

  • Known and trusted quality by FEPshop
  • Only sold by FEPshop and our resellers
  • Very clear film
  • Even thickness means less optical distortion
  • Softer then all other FEP film we know, making layer peeling easier
  • Sheets are cut to size for you XL to make mounting more comfortable

Wat’s Premium about these sheets?

We have been selling HD film for more then 2 years now. The FEP HD is already  a great product but we couldn’t avoid surfaces scratches and dust particles getting on the sheets during handling and shipping. The FEP HD Premium version assures you get the best FEP sheet possible

  • These sheets are sandwiched between protective film in a dust free room
  • Extra strong protective films for easy removal
  • Rounded corners for easier protective film removal
  • Individually packed in sealed plastic bag
  • The protective films prevents the surface from scratching, getting dirty and other damages that can occur during cutting, handling and transport. This way we are sure you get a premium product
  • The sheets are cut to a generous size for most 8.9″ LCD 3D Printers to make mounting more comfortable

FEP 127HD Premium specifications

  • Resistant to high temperatures (210 ° C)
  • Protective film on both sides
  • Protective film extra strong
  • Rounded corners (R10)
  • Sheets individually packed
  • High UV transmittance
  • Low refraction index
  • Chemically inert
  • Ultimate non-stick surface
  • UV stable
  • All sheets quality checked
  • Minimum width: 210mm
  • Minimum length: 297mm
  • Thickness: 0.127mm/127micron

This size sheet is compatible with

  • Phrozen Shuffle XL
  • Flashforge Explorer
  • Wanhao D8
  • and many others popular 3D Printers with a 5.5″ LCD Resin Printers

Notes & Warnings

  • Remove protective film from both sides of the sheet before use.
  • Always use microfibre cloth cleaning FEP sheets
  • WARNING: Other shops now started branding inferior products as FEP HD. FEP HD is made for FEPshop B.V. in Europe and has special ingredients to make the FEP film mechanical properties better suited for 3D Printing.

Additional information

Weight 50 g
Dimensions 35 × 23 × 0.5 cm


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