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Phrozen Sonic Mighty + AnyCubic Wash & Cure V2 Bundle


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1 × 1 x FEP 127 Premium – 8.9″ LCD 3D Printer - 1 Sheet

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Phrozens best 3D printer with Anycubics Wash & Cure V2. A great deal to get started With an extended printing area of 9.3″ and a 22cm Z-axis, Sonic Mighty 4K empowers makers to print larger and more ambitious builds that match your exact designs. But that’s not all. Sonic Mighty 4K prints models in 4K quality, offers high-resolution printing at 52µm, and brings your most ambitious creations to life with crazy amounts of detail.

Included in this bundle:

1 x Phrozen Sonic Mighty 3D Printer – High speed & quality 3D printing at an incredible price

  • Bigger & Better: Sonic Mighty 4K brings your most ambitious creations to life with a printing area of 9.3″ and a 22cm Z-axis
  • 4K Resolution: At 52µm, Sonic Mighty 4K prints out larger builds with extremely high-resolution
  • Monochrome LCD Screen: Prints up to 4 times faster than traditional 3D printers, taking only two seconds to print one layer.
  • Multi-Resin Compatibility: Works best with Phrozen’s Aqua-Gray 4K, also compatible with 3rd party resins

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1 x AnyCubic Wash & Cure V2 

  • The simple solution to post processing your 3D Prints. Wash and cure your print with one easy to use machine.

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1 x FEP 127 Premium – 8.9″ LCD 3D Printer 1 Sheet

  • Quality: Known and trusted FEP sheet by FEPshop
  • Dust free: This FEP Sheet is sandwiched between protective film in a dust-free room.
  • Premium: The protective film prevents the surface from scratching, getting dirty and other damages that can occur during cutting, handling, and transport. This way we are sure you get a premium product.
  • Size: The sheet is cut to a generous size fo r9.3″ LCD 3D Printers to make mounting more comfortable.

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Weight 16000 g
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 50 cm


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