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Phrozen Sonic Mighty Complete Bundle


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1 × 1 x FEP 127 Premium – 8.9″ LCD 3D Printer - 1 Sheet

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Sonic Mighty, Cure Luna, Ultrasonic cleaner, Resin, Cleaner, FEP film, everything to start 3D Printing like a Pro!

Phrozens most popular printer and Cure unit with 2 KG resins to bring your most ambitious 3d models to life at a great price. With an extended printing area of 9.3″ and a 22cm Z-axis, Sonic Mighty 4K empowers makers to print larger and more ambitious builds that match your exact designs. But that’s not all. Sonic Mighty 4K prints models in 4K quality, offers high-resolution printing at 52µm, and brings your most ambitious creations to life with crazy amounts of detail.

The Aqua Green Resin is a resin that Phrozen developed for low shrinkage and high precision printing. Of course, we could not create this bundle with a more neutral color, that is why we have included the Water Washable Rapid Resin in black. This resin, unlike standard resin,  can be cleaned with normal water, no IPA needed. Next to that, it is easy to print and post-process due to its low viscosity.

Included in this bundle:

1 x Phrozen Sonic Mighty 3D Printer – High speed & quality 3D printing at an incredible price

  • Bigger & Better: Sonic Mighty 4K brings your most ambitious creations to life with a printing area of 9.3″ and a 22cm Z-axis
  • 4K Resolution: At 52µm, Sonic Mighty 4K prints out larger builds with extremely high-resolution
  • Monochrome LCD Screen: Prints up to 4 times faster than traditional 3D printers, taking only two seconds to print one layer.
  • Multi-Resin Compatibility: Works best with Phrozen’s Aqua-Gray 4K, also compatible with 3rd party resins

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1 x Ultrasonic Cleaner 6ltr – Ultraclean all your Mighty prints

  • Ultrasonic cleaner for easy cleaning and postprocessing of resin prints. Use it with demineralised water or MonoCure3D ResinAway

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1 x Phrozen Cure Luna – Cure all your mighty prints

  • Deluxe-Sized Chamber: Generous amount of space to cure bigger models
  • No Blind Spots: With a 360° rotating platform, every part of your model will cure with no difficulty
  • Easy-to-Use: Just place your models in the unit, set up the time, tap the start button, and you’re done
  • No More Uneven Cures: No more uneven cures from leaving your models out too long in the sun, Phrozen Cure Luna makes sure to cure ALL your models evenly and properly
  • Time-Saving: Instead of waiting for hours for your models to cure with natural sunlight, just take a nap and your models will be ready in no time

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1 x Phrozen Resin Wash (5KG) – Cleans fast and save

  • Phrozen Resin Wash is a resin cleaner that dissolves uncured resin and allows you to wash your printed models by either spraying or soaking it directly into the liquid. This Resin Cleaner produces low odors and is best for cleaning printed parts.

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1 x Phrozen Water washable Rapid Resin Black  (1KG)

  • Water washable: Unlike standard resin, Phrozen water washable resin can be cleaned with normal water, no IPA needed
  • Low viscosity: Phrozen water washable Resin is easy to print and post-process due to its low viscosity
  • Low odor: More pleasant to use in an office or home environment
  • Fast printing: Phrozen water washable Resin is customized for 405nm LCD printer. Cure time per layer: 7 sec on Shuffle & 1.5 sec on Sonic (50µm)
  • Tough & non-brittle: Typical water washable resin is brittle, but not Phrozen’s water washable resins. Printed parts from Phrozen Water-Washable Resin have a good hard and toughness. It is perfect match for models, prototyping and much more

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1 x Phrozen Model Aqua Green (1KG)

  • Low Shrinkage & High Precision: Phrozen Aqua-Green is developed for low shrinkage and high precision printing. Its low warpage & dimensional stability are especially good for precise parts.
  • Low Viscosity & Odor: Phrozen Aqua-Green is easy to be printed and post-processed due to its low viscosity. Meanwhile, its low odor will not make your place smells.
  • Fast-Printing: Phrozen Aqua-Green is customized for 405nm LCD printer. Cure time per layer: 7 sec on Shuffle & 1.5 sec on Sonic (50µm).
  • Wide Application: Printed parts are with good hardness and certain toughness. It is a perfect match not only to models but for product prototyping.

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1 x FEP 127 Premium – 8.9″ LCD 3D Printer 1 Sheet

  • Quality: Known and trusted FEP sheet by FEPshop
  • Dust free: This FEP Sheet is sandwiched between protective film in a dust-free room.
  • Premium: The protective film prevents the surface from scratching, getting dirty and other damages that can occur during cutting, handling, and transport. This way we are sure you get a premium product.
  • Size: The sheet is cut to a generous size fo r9.3″ LCD 3D Printers to make mounting more comfortable.

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Additional information

Weight 30000 g
Dimensions 80 × 80 × 60 cm


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