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Flashforge AD1

Flashforge AD1 is a professional FFF 3D printer for the mass production of channel letters. Less manpower needed. Flashforge AD1 has more choices of fonts and more colors are available, and signs and letters can be put into mass production without giving off any dust or exhaust fumes.


  • Segmented heating parts: The segmented heating mode allows the four divided parts to be heated independently, saving unnecessary power consumption. It takes only 2 minutes for each part to be heated to 100℃.
  • Fast & Efficient printing: Having 10-88mm/s printing speed and being able to conduct full-size printing, the Flashforge AD1 allows up to twenty 100mm flanges to be printed simultaneously.
  • Resume printing from power failure: In case of unexpected power failure, the extruder will immediately rise using stored electricity to prevent the high temperature of the nozzle from damaging the printed letters. The printing can be resumed once the power restores to save printing time.
  • Filaments detection: The printing will automatically pause when the filaments run out; it will continue when new filaments are reloaded.
  • Dual-colour printing: Flashforge AD1 allows flanges to be printed in multiple colors.

How to make 3D printed channel letter?

( For example the procession of the 3D printed neon light letter )
  • Get a Vector file by using CDR
  • Load the files into FlashAD to generate a 3D printing file and a cutting file
  • Note: FlashAD support .stl, .cdr, .nc and .dxf file format
  • Send the 3D printing file to AD1 and start to build
  • Paste light bar
  • Produce letter panel (It makes)
  • Assemble parts

Technical specifications

  • Model: AD1
  • Printing Technology: FFF
  • Print Resolution: 0.5 mm
  • Layer Resolution: 0.2-0.4 mm
  • Printer Size: 1070*975*485mm
  • Build Volume: 600*600*70mm
  • Print Speed: 10-80 mm/s
  • Number of Extruders: 2 into 1
  • Diameter of Extruder: 0.6mm
  • Max Set Temp. of Extruder: 260°C
  • Max Set Temp. of Platform: 100°C
  • Support Filament: A-PLA
  • Spool Hold Diameter: 53 mm
  • Contain Spool Diameter: 53*200d*52h
  • Touch Screen: 4.5’’ touch screen
  • Slicing Software: FlashAD
  • Data Transmission: USB stick/Ethernet/FlashCloud
  • Input File: stl/cdr/NC file
  • Output File: GFZ file
  • Net Weight: 50.2 kg
  • Gross Weight: 76 kg



  • 12 Months factory warranty (special conditions may apply for remote areas and outside EU)
  • For more information please visit Terms & Conditions section or contact us directly
  • Excluded from the warranty are consumable parts (for more information contact us)

Additional information

Weight 76000 g
Dimensions 117 × 114 × 61 cm


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