Phrozen Transform upgrade LCD Modules



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Phrozen Transform upgrade LCD Modules

The Phrozen Transform was designed to be versatile. Change the LCD module and your Transform can become faster, more precise or higher capacity. The Phrozen Transform LCD Modules are perfect to achieve that.

Dual 5.5″ 2K LCD Module

Make your Transform print 2 models with high resolution at the same time and increase your productivity. It is just like running production with 2 Phrozen Shuffles.


XY Resolution: 47 µm

Z Resolution: 10 µm

Build Volume: {12 * 6.8 * 40 cm} * 2 sets


Dual 5.5″ LCD Module * 1pc

Angled building platform * 2pc

Metal resin vat * 2pc

LCD Driver Board * 1pc

Aluminum parts * 1pc

Micro SD card ( with Dual 5.5″ firmware pre-installed ) * 1 pc

8.9″ 4K Mono-LCD Module

This module lets you print mid size objects at high speed and high resolution. You will have similar performance as the Sonic XL


XY Resolution: 50 µm

Z Resolution: 10 µm

Build Volume: 19 * 12 * 40 cm


8.9″ 4K Mono-LCD Module * 1pc

Building Platform * 1pc

Micro SD card ( with 8.9″ 4K firmware pre-installed ) * 1 pc

13.3″ 4K Mono-LCD Module

This 13.3″ 4K Mono-LCD Module will make increase print speed upto 4 times compared to a conventional Transform. With this module you can upgrade your Transform 4K to the Transform 4K Fast Version.


XY Resolution: 76 µm

Z Resolution: 10 µm

Build Volume: 29.2 * 16.5 * 40 cm


13.3″ 4K Mono-LCD Module * 1pc

How to change your Phrozen Transform LCD Modules:


  • FEPshop is official Phrozen Distributor for Europe
  • 1 year warranty (Inside EU, special conditions apply outside EU and remote areas)


Additional information

Weight 2000 g
Dimensions 30 × 25 × 10 cm


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