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New FEP sizes and more

A quick update

End of september our new types of FEP Film should finally be in stock. After some quality issues we finaly got the right stuff.

We will have large stock of FEP 127. This is the same quality as our FEP 100, only a little thicker and stronger. FEP 127 is ready for pre-order now!

Our new FEP 150 is aimed at the larger VAT’s of the new generation of 8.9″ LCD UV 3D Printers and people needing an even stronger FEP. This FEP film will last longer and  will survive a lot off abuse. FEP 150 is ready for pre-order now!

Also coming in is new stock of 8.9″ 2K (2560×1600) LCD’s with HDMI-MIPI Boards. If you need one, better be quick because most of them are already sold before they have reached our shores. Same goes for the Wanhao D7 5.5″ HDMI-MIPI Boards, only a few left and they have not yet reached our warehouse.

And lot’s of new parts for 3D printer DIY and repair. Fans, UV Leds in diferent sizes and bandwidths, Flexcouplers and much more.

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