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LCD for Wanhao D7, new stock, new low price

Today we recieved new stock of original LCD Displays for the Wanhao D7. You can also use this display for your KLD-LCD or your YHD-101. The best news, we could lower the price from 60 euro to only 45 euro (excl. VAT). Are you afraid to remove the backlight yourself? Let us take the risk, LCD Displays for Wanhao D7 are available for 65 euro.

Next week we also expect new stock of LCD Displays with a glass backplate. These are original KLD parts and can also be used in the Wanhao D7.

And the most awaited item is coming in next week. The new frontglasses, a lot of people are waiting for there order to be processed. We hope to ship all backorders for frontglasses before august 14th. If you need one better order quick!

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