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Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

Wow, we really made it. is being copied, by let’s call them 😉

They copied our ebay add word for word. We had to file a complaint because they even used our company/brand name. eBay sorted that out for us. They edited some text and now use the brand name Morpheus….. Hmmmm….

They seem to have some trouble switching between the metric and imperial system after their copy – paste action. They sell 100 micron FEP film or is isn’t it……

Thickness: 100 micron (0.005″ / 0.127mm FEP has the exact same specifications as ours. Unlikely that this is correct because our FEP is not manufacturer in the US as they claim theirs is. Funny, they even have the same product codes, coincidence? The list with questionable points goes on for these’s, Ctrl C – Ctrl V, adds. One thing seems clear, doesn’t care what they sell! So you can be guaranteed you won’t know what you get!

Anyway, who cares we think it’s fepbulous, we love, we are being copied, we are famous (almost) 😉

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