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FEPShop now Official Phrozen Distributor!

Thursday 9 August 2018

Phrozen Shuffle

We are extremely proud to announce that today FEPshop became the exclusive Phrozen distributor and reseller for Northern Europe.

Phrozen is manufacturer of high quality prosumer 3D printers and resins. Its latest printer is the Phrozen Shuffle, delivering unsurpassed 3D resin printing quality at a very attractive price point.

For the entire line of 3D printers by Phrozen, FEPShop will be the authorized distributor for these European countries:

the Netherlands

Together with Phrozen, our European partners and reselllers we are looking forward to providing top notch Phrozen 3D printers and supplies with excellent European service and customer support to our expanding customer base!

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FEPshop zoekt creatieve technicus voor stage, vanaf september

Welke HBO-student in de techniek zoekt een uitdagende stage per september 2018?

De 3D printing specialisten van Fepshop in Groningen zoeken een enthousiaste stagiair met interesse/ervaring in 3D print technologie.

Werkzaamheden zijn onder andere: 3D printers en nieuwe producten testen, assisteren bij product ontwikkeling.

Ook help je met algemene werkzaamheden zoals het inpakken en verzenden van producten en het oplossen van problemen van klanten.

De stage is voor minimaal 28 uur per week, en je krijgt een passende stagevergoeding.

Heb je ervaring met 3D Printers (bouwen), werktuigbouw, electronica, embedded systems? Reageren kan naar Arjan Yspeert,


English language: FEPshop are looking for a creative and motivated intern (undergraduate levels electronics or engineering), working from the Groningen office per September 2018 (for a 6 month period). You’ll be helping with the development of new 3D printing technology, but also you’ll be doing customer support and logistics work. Send your reply to


Foto credit: Flikr, UC Davis College of Engineering

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ApplyLabWork Resin – SLA & Formlabs compatible resin

ApplyLabWorks Modeling Gray Example 001

ApplyLabWorks Modeling Tan Example 003
Modeling Tan dental model

Finally available in Europe. ApplyLabWork Resin is a series of SLA & Formlabs compatible resin series. These resins are tuned to behave like regular Form1 and  Form2 resins. Extensively tested on Form2 and Formlabs resin vats.

ApplyLabWork Resin Specifications

Tensile(Mpa) 50-55 50-57 38-40 2-3
Elongation(%) 2-6 3-8 25-35 105-120
Impact(J/m) 24-26 24-26 29-35 N/A
Hardness(Shore) 83-85D 83-85D 83-85D 82-85A
Flexiral Strength(Mpa) 80-85 76-80 53-57
HDT(°F/°C) 119/48.4 117/47.5 113/45.0
Tear Strength(kN/m) 11-15
Compression(%) 2-2.5
Viscosity(cp) 1300~1400 cP 1300~1500 cP 1000~1200 cP 1300~1500 cP

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Maskcreator by XAYAV – Pre-order now

XAYAV Maskcreator

We our proud to announce that the XAYAV Maskcreator will be available next week from FEPshop. We have a limited stock and we are starting Pre-orders today, make sure you get yours.

Why make a mask for your 3D printer? The light from your projector is rarely uniform on DLP Projectors and light sources for LCD printers. To compensate this and obtain uniform print quality your printing software needs a mask.

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New reseller: MonoCure3D

Fepshop-Medium-LogoMonocure 3D Logo Master2.3_preview




We are proud to welcome our first official reseller. From today FEPshop film will be available through MonoCure3D Australia.

Partnering with MonoCure3D makes FEPshop film easier to get for a lot of people worldwide. And that’s our mission ‘deliver High Quality FEP Film at a fair price as fast as possible’

To make it even better, MonoCure3D now offers free shipping when FEP film is purchased together with their resin.