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Print cleaning filter

Rinse your small prints

Cleaning small prints in alcohol can be tricky. You drop your print in the IPA and there it is on the bottom. The same bottom where all the nasty resin residu resides. When you want to take it out, you have to find it in the murky alcohol resin solution with youre gloves on…. So we started using these Print cleaning filters and they work great.

  • Filter is made of stainless steel material
  • Easy and convenient to use and clean
  • Uncured resin will drop through the mesh
  • Top Diameter: 88 mm
  • Inside diameter: 55 mm
  • Total height: 75 mm
  • Height filter area: 60 mm

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How to use

  • Get a cup with an inside diameter between 56 and 86 mm and a minimum height of 80mm.
    TIP: The Wanhao blue cup works fine, you can use the lid as a drip tray.
  • Fill the cup with IPA.
    TIP: Make sure you don’t overfill, leave margin for your prints and filter volume.
  • Put your print in the cleaning filter and carefully lower it in the cup with IPA.
  • Carefully move the filter with print around to make sure all uncured resin washes away
    TIP: Use a little brush to remove all resin from creases and cracks.
  • When all resin is gone put the filter with print in a cup with clean water.
    TIP: Depending on material we clean we also use water with some dishwasher soap. So first alcohol, second soap water, third clean water. If needed repeat cycle.
  • Have a dip tray ready or kitchen towel ready. Drop the print from the filter on the towel. Place filter on drip tray.

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Cheaper shipping

Yes we made FEP even cheaper !

We fine tuned our shipping calculator and now it’s more accurate and based on the real weight of the FEP. This means we can ship 10 sheets of FEP for 3,99 EUR worldwide!

We also expanded the size of our envelopes. This means you can get bigger sheets with cheaper shipping. The limit was 30 x 21 cm and now the limit is 35 x 25 cm that’s almost 40% more FEP in an envelop!

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New products and developments

After a splash of resin hit me very close to my left eye while wrestling a print from the buildplate i started wearing eye protection. You realy don’t want resin in your eyes! So we added safety glasses to our protection section. More new products are on the way, we will update when they get in!

We are also working on some new exiciting products, our own development, but unfortunately it’s under non disclosure, so i cant tell you what it is now. Watch this space……

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New product! Disposable protective gloves

Disposable Gloves Black Nitril

Resin and IPA is nasty stuff, so you better wear gloves. We now carry to types of gloves, Nitril and Vinyl.

The black nitrile gloves are made out of a synthetic rubber. They are more comfortable and stronger then vinyl gloves. The white vinyl gloves are less durable then Nitril gloves but are a less expensive option. Both glove types are available in sizes S, M, L and XL and come in packages of 10 gloves.

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New packaging and stock


To make sure you know your FEP sheets have arrived in your mailbox we changed the colour of our protected envelopes to orange. The Fep Sheet & Film shop is based in the Netherlands and orange is our national colour, football fans will know this ofcourse.

For everybody waiting for there FEP sheets to be shipped. We received new FEP film this morning and we try to send it all out today.