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DruckWege Type D White – Facts and Reality

DruckWege Typ D Strength test

Type D Resins have been established in the market now for about 10 months. As this time shows, DruckWege resins are a quite young brand amongst many other resin suppliers. We develop our resins with the self-conception for reliable and high quality products. From our data sheets, you will receive the most detailed overview in technical and safety relevant data that we see as a minimum for such products and beyond.

As some of many specifications are fast curing, low shrinkage and low brittleness, we are convinced from our specified mechanical properties, such as hardness and strength. To reach our outlined specs for the resins, we point to adhere to our data sheets where we give best practice guidelines for various light sources, also on post-curing and treatment.

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New reseller: MonoCure3D

Fepshop-Medium-LogoMonocure 3D Logo Master2.3_preview




We are proud to welcome our first official reseller. From today FEPshop film will be available through MonoCure3D Australia.

Partnering with MonoCure3D makes FEPshop film easier to get for a lot of people worldwide. And that’s our mission ‘deliver High Quality FEP Film at a fair price as fast as possible’

To make it even better, MonoCure3D now offers free shipping when FEP film is purchased together with their resin.

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9W Led UV Bulb (405nm)

9W UV Led cure bulb 405nm

9W LED Replacement Bulbs for your ‘nail cure oven’. These bulbs are much more efficient then 12W CFL’s used in most cure ovens.

  • They light up immediately, like an incandescent bulb
  • Don’t heat up much at all – they stay cool to the touch even after use
  • Last up to five times longer than CFLs
  • Not sensitivity to cold temperatures
  • Do not contain mercury
  • Effective output better then CFL.


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UPS to United States, Canada and Europe

UPS Express Shipping

We have a new shipping partner. Thanks to this collaboration we can now offer Express shipping to the United States, Canada and most of Europe. This means we can ship to US and CA in 2-3 working days and can deliver in 1-2 working days in the EU.

Now we finally have reliable shipping at prices we could not offer before.

UPS Express – United States and Canada.
Transit time: 2-3 working days
Costs: Depends on order amount and weight. Starting from 11.95 to 18.95

UPS Standard –  Europe
Transit time: 75% of destinations in 2 days
Costs: Depends on location, order amount and weight. You can check shipping costs in your cart or on checkout.