Orange Friday - Black Friday - Sale

Orange Friday is the new Black Friday

5% Discount on everything using coupon ‘orange5
10% Discount on resin with coupons ‘orange5‘ + ‘orangeresin
15% Discount on FEP with coupons ‘orange5‘ + ‘orangefep

Orange Friday - Black Friday - Sale

New and improved shipping by UPS. Low rates on US en Canada Express shipping (2-3 working days). 2 working day delivery in 90% in Europe.

Sale starting november 23th 12:00 PM CET

UPS Express Shipping

UPS to United States, Canada and Europe

We have a new shipping partner. Thanks to this collaboration we can now offer Express shipping to the United States, Canada and most of Europe. This means we can ship to US and CA in 2-3 working days and can deliver in 1-2 working days in the EU.

Now we finally have reliable shipping at prices we could not offer before.

UPS Express – United States and Canada.
Transit time: 2-3 working days
Costs: Depends on order amount and weight. Starting from 11.95 to 18.95

UPS Standard –  Europe
Transit time: 90% of destinations in 2 days
Costs: Depends on location, order amount and weight. You can check shipping costs in your cart or on checkout.


Pay by Creditcard

For some customers and from some countries Paypal is not an option. So from today we support payment by creditcard. We currently accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

DruckWege Resin

DruckWege Typ D Resin

Beautifully new UV resin from Germany optimised to be fast on low power UV LCD Printers. The DruckWege Typ D Resinn is a epoxy based resin with industrial specs, designed for 3D printers with DLP / UV light sources. It’s very durable, easy to paint and has some outstanding physical properties:
● quick curing times
● high degree of details and sharp edges
● smooth and dry object surface
● VOC free
● viscosity: 33-57 mPa/s
● shrinkage: ca. 2% +/- 1%
● hardness D: 82,2 Shore

DruckWege Resin is compatible with
● B9 Creator
● 3D Facture Draken
● YHD-101
● KLD LCD Printers
● Wanhao D7
● Kudo3D
● and others

For more information read these independent reviews

Resin and FEP sale

FEP Sale, 10% off Resin, New shipping options

10% Discount on all resin

FEPshop started selling DruckWege and MonoCure resin and to celebrate we offer a 10% discount on resin!

Use coupon code newresin10 on checkout.

This coupon is valid till october 10th 2017.

FEP Sale

New shipping options

We also introduced a couple of new shipping options to make shipping faster and cheaper. For most locations you can now choose shipping with PostNL (worldwide), DPD (europe only) or DHL parcel (europe and selected countries worldwide).


monocure3D Rapid Resin

FEPshop starts reselling MonoCure3D Resin

We are very excited to announce that FEPshop has become a MonoCure3D reseller. We think MonoCure3D Rapid is a great multi purpose resin. It’s tried and tested on low power UV LED 3D Printers like the Wanhao D7 and similar printers. We are very happy with this great addition to our product portfolio. The first stock of MonoCure Rapid Resin is on it’s way now and we will stock this resin in the colours clear, white, grey and black in 0.5 and 1 liter bottles.

DruckWege Resin Typ D

FEPshop joins DruckWege Reseller Network for 3D Printer Resins

We are very excited to announce that FEPshop joined the DruckWege Reseller Network. We think DruckWege typ D resin is a quality product with some great (mechanical) properties. It’s tuned for low power UV LED 3D Printers like the Wanhao D7 and similar printers. We are very happy with this great addition to our product portfolio. DruckWege Typ D Resin is now in stock in the colours clear, red, green, white and black.

Press release by DruckWege

Hennef/Groningen – September 2017

FEPshop is the tradename of the Dutch-based tech company Fair Use Services LLP. FEPshop is a globally known online shop with a clear focus on FEP film.

FEP stands for Tetrafluorethylen-Hexafluorpropylen- Copolymer and is a highly durable co-polymere which allows smooth separation and spacing between different polymeric materials. FEP is broadly known to be highly resistent against extreme temperatures and chemicals.

FEPshop established the online market in the past while demand for FEP film was growing. Applicants and the industry are using such polymers to coat resin vats or on to of already applied silicone layers in their 3D printing systems when it comes to resin-based techniques, such as in the Wanhao D7.

FEPshop offers different FEP sheets ranging from 100 microns to 200 micron thickness, in precut sizes for most popular 3D printer and sheets are also available in custom sizes. FEPshop sells to consumers and also advices and supplies 3D printing industry.

DruckWege welcomes the new reseller in the Netherlands for promoting and offering all resins through its shop and extending its portfolio with the first releases of DLP and UV/LCD resins by DruckWege.

Five Flavours of FEP

FEP 100

Regular quality 100 micron thick film. Tried, tested, great price and works great on 3D printers with smaller VAT’s. like the Wanhao D7 and similar sized printers.

FEP 127

Regular quality 127 micron thick film. Same quality as the FEP 100 but because it is a little thicker there is less chance to get rippling and it should last longer.

FEP 127 HD

Optical grade quality 127 micron thick film. More transparent then our FEP 100 and FEP 150. With a very even thickness, so less chance off optical distortion. Because it is a little thicker there is less chance to get rippling and it should last longer. If you want to be sure your highly detailed print or jewelery prints comes out perfect.

FEP 150

Regular quality 150 micron thick film. We think this has the right amount of flexibility combined with a lot off strength. Much stronger the FEP 100 and FEP 127, so less chance of damage or rippling, perfect for heavy use. A great match for larger VAT’s like 8.9″ LCD’s.

FEP 200

This is a very thick and strong film, it will last a long time. At the moment we only stock the original Wanhao quality. But we think it is a little to stiff for smaller VAT’s like 5.5″ LCD’s.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us!